With almost 20 years of experience, we are pleased to offer a single stop solutions for small business website and technology needs.

Custom Development

Websites are a staple for all businesses, but why stop there.  With our service packages, you can receive customized software, databases, spreadsheets or anything else to help save time.

Secure Managed Backups

Use our secure and efficient software to back-up your computers throughout the day to reduce the chance of time, money and data lost from your business.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Everything we do is for our small business customers, including the selection of our control panels for our hosting environment, content management systems, online backups, support desk, etc.

Cloud Based Hosting

Host your website, email, database, software, backups, etc. with us in our managed cloud environment. See below for benefits of our Managed Hosting Solution.

System Management & Support

Our support includes phone, text, skype, email and chat. Plus, it’s not just our environment that we support, ask us how we can work with you for all system management needs.

Marketing and Statistics

We work with you to ensure all web pages are search engine optimized (SEO) and tracked using internal and external statistic reporting.


  • We take the time to learn about you and your business needs
  • We then offer support & customer care comes with your FULL business in mind (not just software)
  • You can utilize us as your one stop resource for anything IT or process related
  • If we don’t provide a needed service, we will source and manage it
  • This allows you to save time and money allowing you to run your business
  • Take advantage of our 20 years of business consulting experience to save time/money
  • Use us as your on-call IT professionals and small business experts


We utilize industry leading cloud platforms to give you the most advanced technology cloud system with a 99.9% up time and full support at a fraction of the cost of self-hosted solutions.  With this approach, you have access to your files and resources from anywhere in the world and you have an unlimited amount of growth potential.

Most often, a cloud-hosted solution is used for data storage and website, database or email hosting.  Contact us today to find out what other solutions we can offer and how we can help dramatically reduce your IT overhead costs and allow you to focus on building your business.



We have a large selection of packages that can be purchased for any length of time and cancelled at any time.  Packages can also be combined for greater savings.


5 Plans To Choose

All hosting plans that we offer are fully managed and come with:

  • WordPress Installations
  • Staging Websites
  • Managed DNS Configuration
  • Managed Site Deployment
  • SSL Certificates
  • FTP Access
  • PHP 7 Support
  • .Net Support
  • Website Statistics
  • Domain Administration
  • PLESK Control Panel
  • Daily Database Backups


4 Plans To Choose

More than just support – we offer full software/IT services:

  • Backup and Restoration Support
  • Business Critical and Site Down Support
  • Consulting and Project Management
  • Software Design and Development


Your single point of contact for all IT needs.

If we can’t fix it, we’ll source and manage the fix for you.


Anything You Need

Whatever you need, we’re here to help:

  • Increased Storage
  • Faster Speeds
  • Unlimited Data
  • Additional Security


If you are looking for something that is not included in our pre-designed packages.  Use the form below to contact us for a price quote today.



Who is behind MTI and how can you help me?

We are a small group of professionals with a background in software, technology and business management consulting.  We are not a large company; however, we have years of experience and a plethora of outsourcing contacts to help us build and manage almost any software in almost any environment.  Our goal is to reduce your time, money and effort needed to manage your IT department.  We are here as much as you need.  We learn as much about your business as you’d like and then we help you with your technology needs as much as we can.

How can I get started?

You can get started today by completing the online form at the bottom of this webpage.  Then, we will contact you directly by phone or email to ensure that we setup the right infrastructure and components for your needs.  All of our services are managed services and we serve as your support system.  We won’t take much of your time, but we want to make sure we set everything up right for you from the start.

How long does it take to get setup?

We can typically have your account setup for you within a few minutes of chatting.  The discussion can take as long or short as you’d like, depending on how much information you would like to go through.  Once you have an account setup and running, domain names, websites, databases and email accounts can all be setup within minutes at any time.

What are my contract terms and commitments?

There are no commitments to any of our services.  If you sign up for a hosting and maintenance plan you have the option to pay annually or monthly.  Either way, you can cancel at anytime for a full refund of any unused months that have been paid for.  All of our services and quotes are also able to be cancelled at any time.  For example, if we are managing a software development project for you and you are unhappy for any reason, you are able to cancel at any time with no further commitments.

Why can't I just sign up online like other web hosting companies?

The easiest answer here is that we are not just another web hosting company.  We only work with a few companies at a time to ensure that we are able to service your needs.  We don’t take long to get you setup, but we do ask for a quick conversation so that we can ensure that we are a good fit.  There is no risk and no commitment when getting a quote from us or chatting about how we can help your business.  Contact us today to get started, risk free.

Where are you located?

We are located in Surrey, British Columbia.  That is just outside of Vancouver, BC in Canada.  Although we primarily serve small businesses in our area, we are happy to service small businesses across Canada and the United States of America.

Need help? Want a free estimate on a project? Get started today!


All of our partnerships and resources are among the leaders in their industry.  We work with the best, to bring you the best.  Let us show you how we can save you money, time and effort by utilizing our network.

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